Coaching is a one-on-one personalized process where you and I collaborate to work toward improvement in various facets of your life. For example:

  • Stress Management

  • Work/Career

  • Mental Performance

  • Strengths Building

  • Time Management

  • Confidence/Self-Worth

  • Communication skills (public speaking)

Sessions typically last 45-60 minutes and may be held 

in-person or via video chat (e.g., Zoom).



Sarah, Healthcare Executive

 I have had the privilege of both learning with and experiencing several sessions with Russell.  I would absolutely recommend him as a coach and guide to better overall health. He has shown me that he truly cares and has been become a strong ally and my confidant. During my wellness journey Russell was willing to stand by my side as I learn and implement new things to make improvements in my life while holding me accountable. He provided me a way of bringing together so much of what I already knew and allowed me to tap into my abilities and strengths in a supportive environment. I am truly grateful.

Shane, Finance Director

Emma, HR Director
Property Management Industry

I reached out to Russell about possibly becoming my wellbeing/life coach because I needed someone to listen and then tailor an approach that fit my style, aspirations and intrinsic needs. I was looking for an individual that could help me become the best husband, father, professional, and overall person I can be. He understands that there is no cookie cutter approach, and that each person is going to have different individual needs. Russell has helped create a mindset and balance that keeps me motivated, happy and disciplined. He has also made himself extremely available and flexible to work with my schedule, as he understands how life can get hectic and throw curve balls your way. Russell constantly and consistently brings value to each session, and I would recommend him to anyone looking, and even those who are not. He has helped build my confidence, lower my stress, and find a better balance in my life and I am certain he can do the same for you.

We utilized Dr. Russell Clayton's expertise on Emotional Intelligence, the Power of Perception, and Communication for corporate training. Russell took the time to dive into our corporate culture and cater to our specific needs through real life examples. We were thoroughly impressed with our 10 session booking and would highly recommend his coaching to any company, or person, looking to advance their communication skills and build stronger interpersonal relationships.

Organizations that have utilized Russell's expertise:

Circle K
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